Food is wonderful!

This year was the first time in ages that I have looked forward to Easter. Not since I was a little boy have I celebrated this ‘holiday’, as sometime over the years its importance has been lost on me. Possibly because of the huge commercialization of the Easter egg, or maybe because of the strange and uncanny disappearance of the Easter bunny, who knows?

The truth is, since Christmas I have looked forward to any kind of public holiday, the reason being…food. You see at Christmas I cooked for my family, twelve greedy mouths salivating at the thought of a well prepared Christmas feast! I took on the challenge, struggled and laboured for hours in a hot kitchen and…drum roll please… succeeded in producing a meal Henry VIII would have been proud of. The praise I received afterwards made it all the more worthwhile and yes I did suffer from a bigger head than normal, but so what? Surely I deserved it. It was my way of grabbing the limelight for a few weeks and showing appreciation to my mother who had done the sane thing for years usually to no noticeable appreciation.

This got me onto something.

Trawling along the aisles of the supermarket, seeking inspiration for practice meals, I began to notice the crap that they put into frozen and canned foods. Ingesting bad chemicals and ‘code named’ secret ingredients cannot be good for us. When I buy an Apple pie I want 2 basic things, Apple, flour, sugar (but not too much), butter…you know the usual stuff. Not the crap they end up putting in it and that’s just the start. Take a look for yourselves sometime and see for yourself but before you decide to do something about it, if anything combine what we put inside us, with what we cover ourselves with, in the form of moisturising creams, body sprays and shampoos. Trust me, the findings are even worse. What is insanely criminal though, is the fact that we are willing accomplices in the battle to forego our own common sense for the sake of ease, the promise from a good ad campaign and the failure to be arsed enough to care enough about ourselves to check the small print! So what if that girl from friends has nice wavy hair, you will get nice wavy hair too if you put industrial thinner on your head! And lets not forget the aluminium in our aerosol deodorants… aluminium?…metal? No wonder my armpits feel so cold after I spray!

What is amazing to believe is how easy it is to make these things ourselves. Now I am not going down the route of a hippie greenie, I am just saying to think about it before you dismiss it. You just never know.

Anyway, I digress.

Fresh product would have to be the way forward from now on, taking inspiration from Jamie Oliver, the ‘Reggae Reggae’ sauce man and my mum. Cooking is cool with a glass of your favourite tipple and some 80’s tunes playing in the background. (My journey into the world of homemade moisturising creams and shampoos may be a topic for a future rant).

So we get to Easter and I decide now is the time to do that roast, make those veg and create a dessert of such greatness that it will be talked about within family circles for years…well at least until the next family gettogether! I created my menu, something simple this time, Turkey; roast carrots and baby sweet corn in olive oil; roasted new potatoes with crushed black pepper and sea salt; rhubarb and apple crumble with homemade ice cream or custard for dessert…perfect! (No starter, just have more potatoes!).

Next, I needed some guests. My son was with me this weekend so I invited some friends and family, not too many, just enough. Anyway I prepare this feast and guess what…nobody shows up! Well, not except for my son, who I guess was there by default, (if  he did have a choice, I honestly don’t know which way he would have gone!) Remarkably, he sat with me at the dining table and ate his food quite happily for a change, (he much prefers to sit in front of the TV with a tray on his lap and an absent expression on his face!). Now he was no fuss, he just got it down his neck. He passed on the dessert though instead preferring hot brownies and ice cream, (i think it was the rhubarb!).

Afterwards my cousin passed by with his family, a plesant surprise, and now my son had someone to play with and I ended up having a great evening, watching the TV, (The Clevland Show), whilst flicking peanuts at my cuz who kept falling asleep. In fact, it was just like being at home.

So now, I won’t take any opportunity for a public gathering lightly. These sacred days are too important to pass over and treat like a blight on the calendar, and an interference to our busy schedules. I may be quite late catching on to this but I now see that holidays are a time to sit back, relax and chill, really chill. To take a load off  and watch the world slowly go by, from a distance for a change.

With that thought, and with my belly grumbling and rumbling I’m now thinking about polishing off the leftovers and watching some television.

Hope you all had a Happy Easter.


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