Rest in Peace?

Alexander McQueen committed suicide a few weeks ago, the reason given was that he couldn’t get over the loss of his mother. This surely takes the term mothers boy to new and undescribed territory, but tasteless jokes aside, the fact remains that the world is missing one more person. The phenomena that is suicide has its critics, there are those who vehemently believe that a person does not have the right to take his or her own life, possibly following the belief that we are all here for the greater good and, more than likely, (depending on location), the long haul, and we must continue, using whatever tools necessary, whether it be pills, anti depressants, uppers, downers, middlers or just plain booze, to survive as long as possible.

Survive in this context is an important word because we measure suicide against life and there has always been the old adage that it is better to live than too merely survive.

One thing that always got me about the whole suicide debate though, is the definition we are applying to life. Life (l f); The interval of time between birth and death; The interval of time between one’s birth and the present; A spiritual state regarded as a transcending of corporeal death. People speak of enjoying life, or building the life they want, and so in this way life itself takes on an almost human, transient form and it can therefore be either good or bad. Suicide, it is said, rears its head for those who are having a bad time and therefore a bad life.

The solutions for a bad life do not necessarily make it better, they just put you into a different semi conscious state where the things that used to bother you no longer do. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I always wondered whether the down sides to this were really worth it, I mean bad is bad right? And no matter how much stuffing you wrap around a problem in the form of alcohol abuse, drugs, spending money, having affairs or just sticking your head in the sand, the problem will always be there, waiting for you.

The other question that always troubled me was for whose benefit is all of this anyway? If we take on Freud and accept that everything that we do is for our own benefit first and foremost, then yes it makes sense that we wouldn’t want to lose a brother, sister, mother, father or partner under these circumstances, but when we speak in terms of this as being better for the person who wants to top themselves, are we not treading on someone else’s toes, making decisions for someone elses life? Isn’t it also possible that a lot more people may have chosen to go in this direction but feel the guilt of the people they will leave behind? In fact, is it okay for the guilt line to be used at all, at the end of the day, it is not our life we are talking about, is it?

A girl I know felt the urge to commit suicide one day last year and threw herself off one of the bridges in London, thankfully she survived and is still around. The doctors said she was lucky, I reckon it just wasn’t her time to go. It used to be said that if the fall from a London bridge didn’t kill you, and the water didn’t drown you, the sewage would finish the job. There is so much that could have taken her life that night but nothing did.

I believe that we are on this earth until we have learnt what we need to learn and can then move on to a higher level of consciousness or whatever you want to call it. This, in its acceptable format, looks like dying of old age; or of a tragedy, in a car crash, skiing accident; or of cancer; murder; stupidity etc etc. In other words, we do have acceptable ways to bite the bullet, and nothing else is said about it when it happens like that.

But what if, when it is our time to go, we go in whichever way is most convenient and most appropriate at that time. What if the urges that suicidals get are just keeping them on the path they are meant to be on and that is the way they have to go.

In my opinion if you want to leave the party, you should be allowed to leave. From an energy point of view, I don’t want your bad energy bringing down the copasetic vibe that I’m on anyway. Harsh, maybe, but I think it is time we started to look at things more closely, one thing in particular.

Apparently, there is a monetary value that each of us in society has placed on us by Government. This figure, based on age, lifestyle, earning potential and many other factors, is how much we are actually worth to the economy. Speaking in strictly economic terms it is safe to say that suicides represent an anomaly, an uncertainty. Suicides will lessen this golden figure. Other deaths we cannot control but can account for, but suicides, always said to be ‘such a waste of a life’, may cost the Government millions if left to go unchallenged. (The main voice against suicide is the Church, the Govts agent, and back in the day suicides were buried ignonimously on the high road with a stake thrust through their body and without Christian rites!)

Maybe just a conspiracy theory, but do you think the Governments of countries in the ‘Third World’ are as worried about suicide as we are?


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