Obama – Too Much Too Soon?

I cheered and cried when the USA got its first black president. ‘They’, said it could never happen, and for years it had been the subject of numerous jokes from comedians like Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock. No one believed it could actually happen, but on a cold Winter’s day, when the votes were all tallied and the announcement was made, the whole world took a breath, and a quick swig of whiskey. It had been done. History had been made and those there to see the inauguration ceremony would talk about that day for the rest of their lives. It could have been a woman, it could have been another white dude, but it wasn’t, it was a black man!

Fast forward a year and I was watching a programme on the goggle box that was looking at the promises made by Mr Obama and the promises he had kept. Sadly things were not looking up as many of the things he promised were not happening one year later. His critics were swiflty moving in, to dispel the myth that this man was great, that this man could actually change something. I saw what was happening and I wasn’t surprised in the slightest.

Mr O will need all the help he can get!

You see, to me, one of the worst things that happened last year was the US getting a black president. Why? Because in my humble opinion, America was not ready for a black president. Why? Because any system that is still inherently and institutionally racist can never be ready for a president of any colour other than white. On Mr Obama’s shoulders is the fate of future black Presidents and unless he is the best President ever, there will never be another one in the foreseeable future. In Britain we had a similar thing happen when the Iron lady, Margaret Thatcher was prime minister, the first woman, great while she lasted but eventually she fucked up and there has never been one since. It was like a kind of ‘what would happen if?’ experiment. No person in the male dominated world of British politics wanted a woman, and you can be sure that it will never happen again…as long as they have some kind of control.

The Presidency is exactly the same thing. Black people have finally been given the opportunity from a racist structure that knows that if and when Mr Obama fails, and he will fail at something they can call him on, (the odds of being successful in all areas are extremely stacked against him), another black president will not need to be appointed, Hell, he doesn’t even need to apply! As far forward as we have come as a people, there sre still those who make up Americas’ majority, who only see colour, after all, we all do don’t we?, and faced with another choice in four or more years I fear that colour will once again raise its ubiquitous head.

Where do these conspiracy’s come from?,what exactly is my point? Well, my point is this. When something seems too good to be true, it usually is. I never thought I would see a black president in my life time and now sadly, I don’t think I will see another one. And I don’t think I will see another one because the time was just too early for America to have one in the first place. Other things needed to be in place. Having a black President now, is like owning a Lambourghini and living in a council flat!

So what is the plus side?

Sometimes the real prize is in the things you don’t see, the things you don’t recognise. A black man in such a high position is an inspiration for every person of colour on the planet. His appointment will lead to people of colour being placed in positions of strength and power that will ultimately lead to only greater things for the whole multi–coloured population who are striving to do greater things. Because history has changed, typical roles of blacks and other underprivileged races can now change. An aspirational life is now possible to more people than before and the next time we get a black President, a larger and better equipped slice of society will be strategically placed to make it really work.

So, you see, I do think it was a good thing, just not necessarily for the same reasons that you do.


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