Does size matter?

‘So there you are, making out madly with your new girl. Things are getting steamy, hot even. You touch her in places you have never done before, just to see if she minds. It’s a good day and she isn’t stopping you, she wants you to explore. Her hands reach under your t-shirt and begin the intrepid descent southwards. You smile and begin murmuring, ‘here we go…here we go…here we go’, under your breath. Her hand fidgets with your belt and then, as if by magic, the pressure is released. She slowly claws her way into your boxer shorts, looking for it, searching out the thing that is so important, until finally, she grabs it! Your love stick is torn free from its constraints, ready to take on the world and like a superhero answering a distress signal, it stands proudly, ready for action’.

But what do you think is going through her mind?

She just wanted to know how big you were. She just wanted to know what to expect. She just wanted to know whether that cab she booked for 11pm was going to be needed or not!

Does size matter?

First answer off anyone’s lips is usually a resounding yes. But this answer is often not thought out properly. It is kind of a taboo subject that used to be between a man and his wife. Back in the days when you stayed married for life, the bride was either fortunate or unfortunate and she wouldn’t know which one until the wedding night!

Things have changed now. If a regular guy has on average 15 sexual partners in his life, that is potentially 15 to the power of 3 girls who now know how much space he takes up in his shorts! That means, that if he ain’t packing much, people may just decide to talk about it. He may become infamous in his own town for all the wrong reasons!

I saw a program the other night about 3 men who had decided to increase the size of their penises by any means necessary. One did ‘stretching exercises, one opted for steroid injections into the base of his penis, and the other guy opted for surgery. They all kind of worked, although with limited success, but damn!,what these guys went through didn’t look like much fun to me and it left me asking more than a few questions?

I asked some of my female friends the question – Does size matter? They all proclaimed that it did, given a choice, their preference being something a bit meaty! However that was given a choice, and lets face it, in most situations you are not given a choice. So at first glance, it did seem to matter. So I then set them a dilemma, a guy with a small dick who is an excellent lover versus a well hung stud with no idea of what to do with his pepparami! The result – amazingly – a total reversal on the previous answer.

In truth, size cannot matter from a functional point of view because babies are still being born, people are still having good sex and in addition, there doesn’t appear to be a really long waiting list for extreme procedures like the one mentioned above.

So where does this myth come from?

the ancient Greeks didn't seem to care

When combined with the narcissism within us, when added to the society in which we live where celebrity is the new currency and we are firmly controlled by the gaze that others have over us, then things like size of your penis become all too important.

Whether or not size matters is also determined by the pressure of society. Similar to having the latest TV or mobile phone, we fall into the trap of desiring what we think we should be desiring, based on what we think other people will be desiring!

Whether size matters to you, the individual, may be determined by the kind of relationship that you have, (or want to have), with your partner. Look, if you met your girlfriend in a bar and after one drink you are in the toilets, coital-coital, then this may be the kind of woman who finds size quite an important factor in a mate. But, if your relationship started off with long conversations and intimate walks in the park, with the first kiss happening after 4 weeks and the first sexual encounter 3 months later, then size may not hold the top spot.

ladies, be careful what you wish for...

If truth be told, and as another friend pointed out, a good lover is a good lover and can work with whatever he has got. A confident man who is happy with himself and more importantly happy with his life is surely more desirable than someone who is preoccupied with his appearance.

When put into this context, does size matter to you?


2 Responses to “Does size matter?”

  1. People do have preferences but I think that ultimately no it doesn’t matter. Perhaps if it is abnormally large or small it may be a problem but otherwise no.

    • prekosifa Says:

      I hear that Nolly, So I guess in reality ladies, (and some gentlemen) are all just looking for a Mr Average!!

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