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Obama – Too Much Too Soon?

Posted in 1 on February 23, 2010 by prekosifa

I cheered and cried when the USA got its first black president. ‘They’, said it could never happen, and for years it had been the subject of numerous jokes from comedians like Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock. No one believed it could actually happen, but on a cold Winter’s day, when the votes were all tallied and the announcement was made, the whole world took a breath, and a quick swig of whiskey. It had been done. History had been made and those there to see the inauguration ceremony would talk about that day for the rest of their lives. It could have been a woman, it could have been another white dude, but it wasn’t, it was a black man!

Fast forward a year and I was watching a programme on the goggle box that was looking at the promises made by Mr Obama and the promises he had kept. Sadly things were not looking up as many of the things he promised were not happening one year later. His critics were swiflty moving in, to dispel the myth that this man was great, that this man could actually change something. I saw what was happening and I wasn’t surprised in the slightest.

Mr O will need all the help he can get!

You see, to me, one of the worst things that happened last year was the US getting a black president. Why? Because in my humble opinion, America was not ready for a black president. Why? Because any system that is still inherently and institutionally racist can never be ready for a president of any colour other than white. On Mr Obama’s shoulders is the fate of future black Presidents and unless he is the best President ever, there will never be another one in the foreseeable future. In Britain we had a similar thing happen when the Iron lady, Margaret Thatcher was prime minister, the first woman, great while she lasted but eventually she fucked up and there has never been one since. It was like a kind of ‘what would happen if?’ experiment. No person in the male dominated world of British politics wanted a woman, and you can be sure that it will never happen again…as long as they have some kind of control.

The Presidency is exactly the same thing. Black people have finally been given the opportunity from a racist structure that knows that if and when Mr Obama fails, and he will fail at something they can call him on, (the odds of being successful in all areas are extremely stacked against him), another black president will not need to be appointed, Hell, he doesn’t even need to apply! As far forward as we have come as a people, there sre still those who make up Americas’ majority, who only see colour, after all, we all do don’t we?, and faced with another choice in four or more years I fear that colour will once again raise its ubiquitous head.

Where do these conspiracy’s come from?,what exactly is my point? Well, my point is this. When something seems too good to be true, it usually is. I never thought I would see a black president in my life time and now sadly, I don’t think I will see another one. And I don’t think I will see another one because the time was just too early for America to have one in the first place. Other things needed to be in place. Having a black President now, is like owning a Lambourghini and living in a council flat!

So what is the plus side?

Sometimes the real prize is in the things you don’t see, the things you don’t recognise. A black man in such a high position is an inspiration for every person of colour on the planet. His appointment will lead to people of colour being placed in positions of strength and power that will ultimately lead to only greater things for the whole multi–coloured population who are striving to do greater things. Because history has changed, typical roles of blacks and other underprivileged races can now change. An aspirational life is now possible to more people than before and the next time we get a black President, a larger and better equipped slice of society will be strategically placed to make it really work.

So, you see, I do think it was a good thing, just not necessarily for the same reasons that you do.


Are We Too Protective of Our Children?

Posted in 1 on February 16, 2010 by prekosifa

As I get older the more I seem to sound like my Dad, and the more I try to advise my children on the right things to do, according to me. In my world I am not wrong. In my world everything I say makes sense. In my world my children should listen to my wise awesomeness and not question anything I tell them to do. My kids and I always fall out over something. It seems that my knowledge and experience is not exactly on point anymore, (if indeed it ever has been!)

As a young, cheeky, know it all teenager, I remember having similar conversations with my Dad, BUT I did know better than him, I’m sure I did. Is it possible that we are the worst people to advise our children in this world? Are we too protective of our loved ones? From what I have read in the papers lately, I am beginning to think that we are perhaps, in some cases, going a little bit too far…

Last week I heard on the radio about a head teacher at a primary school in this country somewhere who, in an effort to teach the children in her care, life lessons as well as traditional subjects, created a farmers market that was run as a democracy by her young charges. They voted on purchasing live stock and decided amongst them what they should sell or buy next. The parents loved it, the teachers loved it and most importantly the children loved it and responded to it by achieving higher grades, and having a genuine interest in their lessons.

All good so far.

So it came to pass, that with two cows and a sheep, there appeared to be a gap in the market, for eggs. It was proposed to slaughter one of the cows in order to purchase some chickens, thereby enabling the sale of eggs, adding to the schools’ coffers. The pupil council voted on it, agreed to it, and made preparations for Chloe, the cow in question, to be dealt with, humanely.

Then came the problem…

Parents didn’t want the animal to be killed fearing it would upset the children. It would seem that they were worried about lost innocence and all that. The headmistresses’ argument was that the children should know the truth about where the food they consumed came from, and furthermore as it was their idea, they should be allowed to continue. A stalemate ensued which resulted in a hate campaign against the headmistress who eventually, sensing no other recourse, resigned from her post amid death threats and general unpleasantness.

So my questions are?

Would these children have really been affected that much? Do kids nowadays have no idea that you have to kill an animal BEFORE you eat it? Is it a bit condescending to the little mites, considering they deal with death, murder and loss in almost every show they watch on TV, with cartoons being the biggest perpetrators?

Let’s fast forward a generation and have a think about how these children may end up? Are we really preparing them for the real world or are they being prepared for a fake one?

Human beings are born totally helpless. With no mother or father around a new born baby would literally cry itself to death. Yes, we are resilient to a point, but not greatly so, I mean, we can’t walk, talk or anything useful for at least 8 months! Is this the reason why we always search for someone to look after us, and are therefore all the too eager to hand responsibility for ourselves over to someone else?

Imagine a future where people are scared to do anything for fear of failure or of getting hurt. Imagine that our bones become so brittle that we start suffering from new types of diseases! In fact one result of not being with the slaughter of animals could be a reliance on fake foods that ‘taste just like the original’. Oh wait! thats happening already!

The problem with giving our care over to someone else is that we don’t know when we are being short changed. We allow the govt to care for us and blindly believe that all the tax hikes and unemployment are solely the cause of ‘market forces’ and yet govt scandals concerning misappropriated funds and dodgy politicians go on unchallenged. We trust in a school system to educate our children, and don’t question when core subjects are removed and bullshit vocational ones are introduced instead. When someone else tells us something is damaging to us, we believe them without question; think conkers, monkey bars, competition in primary schools; and, when something is introduced we accept it without question; think id cards, cctv surveillance cameras, the war in Iraq!!

In fact, the more I think about it, the more it sounds like we are in an organised religion, one that doesn’t really look out for us small people, and relies on non interference from the masses to run properly. The atheists in society will be pissed when they hear this!

But perhaps these are just a sign of the times and as I get older I should get used to this ever-changing world I am now a part of. I don’t know, it doesn’t seem like it will be much fun, but then, that’s the same thing my dad says!

A Brief History of Sex Toys

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Last week I received a sex toys catalogue through the post, and after having not seen one for a few years, the contents of it were mind blowing. There were things in there that wouldn’t have looked out of place on the Star Ship Enterprise and many of them needed IKEA like instructions to know how to use them! What is this world coming to when something that should be simple has to come with its own manual? We only have so many holes at the end of the day but on page 5, I saw a toy for ‘the man in your life’, and my heart skipped a beat. This object of sexual gratification had 3 sticky out things and I couldn’t, for the life of me, work out where they were supposed to go. Technology was taking over the sex industry, and I felt a little left behind.

The first sex toys appeared around 500 BC, and they were called Olisbos. The Greeks, surprise surprise, get the accolades for inventing this penis substitute that to this day is still considered an item of art. They were made out of whatever material was available in the day be it wood, leather or rock! and needed a hell of a lot of lube, (then again, they were sold mainly to very lonely women so perhaps the lube wasn’t that necessary!) Now, that isn’t to say that people were not sticking things inside themselves well before this time, but for the sake of an encyclopaedic timeline, we have to have a starting date.

forerunner to the modern dildo?

Fast forward to 300 AD, and that old faithful Indian sex manual, the Kama Sutra, advised on penis extenders, hollowed out pieces of leather or wood that had a hole in one end for your man juice to come out. They too needed some type of lubrication and I don’t know who would have suffered more, the penically challenged male or his girlfriend!

In 500 AD, we had the introduction of the Ben Wa Ball, and if you don’t know what these look like, think of a small posse of oversized marbles. Interestingly, they were first introduced for male pleasure whilst inside his loved one, (I’m sensing penis envy again), but today they are marketed more towards the woman.

A few hundred years later and we had the introduction of the cock ring, originally made out of sheep eyelashes that were sure to tickle your ladies fancy as you did your thing. And then 200 years even later, we had that defining moment when years of scientific research finally ended with the return of the dildo. Dildo Mk 2 boasted of being better than its predecessor although I am not sure how because it was made from wood or leather and required liberal amounts of olive oil, the preferred lube of its day, to keep the party going and the splinters at bay! The vulcanisation of rubber in 1844, led the erotic world to breathe a collective sigh of relief as wood would no longer be the number one material of choice, and women, especially wouldn’t have to push the limits of the pleasure/pain principle anymore, grateful is an understatement.

The first vibrator came about shortly afterwards and was a scary looking mechanical marvel that wouldn’t have been out of place in a H.G wells novel! Funnily enough, it was developed by men, to cure ‘hysteria’ in women. Hysteria, as defined by a man, was simply ‘horniness’. It was believed that women were not naturally erotic and didn’t get turned on like men did and so needed a little help. Ladies, this contraption was steam driven!, (imagine a miniature locomotive with a dildo stuck to the front going in and out of your love tunnel!) Scary, but not half as scary as what was to follow with the invention of electricity. The first electro mechanical vibrators hit the streets in 1884 and thankfully didn’t last too long. You had to be extremely brave, extremely horny and perhaps extremely stupid to be willing to try these things out for the sake of love!

From 1900 modern electricity led to the popularity of the electric dildo. In fact, for a time they were one of the first electrified home appliances! I wonder if they were sold in Wal-Mart or Home Depot!

At the time of these inventions coming out, the public were amazed, terrified but very inquisitive all at the same time. The same way I felt when I saw what was on page 5 of this sex toy catalogue. One thing for sure though, is that these toys hold an important place in our lives and we can never forget the importance of sex in our society.

A wise man once said ‘As long as we have holes we will endeavour to invent contraptions that can fill them’, and it would seem that never has this been more true than today. Look, sex is free, leaves a smile on your face and can be done as often as you want. It is important to know your history, to remember all the early sex freaks who took one for the team to enable you to acquire that piece of gadgetry that will turn your whole weekend around.

The future is unchartered waters and with the rising popularity of the internet and all things electronic and Avatar-ish, who knows what tomorrows’ sex toys will look like or be capable of. We will need a whole host of new sexual adventurers willing to go where no toy has taken them before…

Any volunteers?

Does size matter?

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‘So there you are, making out madly with your new girl. Things are getting steamy, hot even. You touch her in places you have never done before, just to see if she minds. It’s a good day and she isn’t stopping you, she wants you to explore. Her hands reach under your t-shirt and begin the intrepid descent southwards. You smile and begin murmuring, ‘here we go…here we go…here we go’, under your breath. Her hand fidgets with your belt and then, as if by magic, the pressure is released. She slowly claws her way into your boxer shorts, looking for it, searching out the thing that is so important, until finally, she grabs it! Your love stick is torn free from its constraints, ready to take on the world and like a superhero answering a distress signal, it stands proudly, ready for action’.

But what do you think is going through her mind?

She just wanted to know how big you were. She just wanted to know what to expect. She just wanted to know whether that cab she booked for 11pm was going to be needed or not!

Does size matter?

First answer off anyone’s lips is usually a resounding yes. But this answer is often not thought out properly. It is kind of a taboo subject that used to be between a man and his wife. Back in the days when you stayed married for life, the bride was either fortunate or unfortunate and she wouldn’t know which one until the wedding night!

Things have changed now. If a regular guy has on average 15 sexual partners in his life, that is potentially 15 to the power of 3 girls who now know how much space he takes up in his shorts! That means, that if he ain’t packing much, people may just decide to talk about it. He may become infamous in his own town for all the wrong reasons!

I saw a program the other night about 3 men who had decided to increase the size of their penises by any means necessary. One did ‘stretching exercises, one opted for steroid injections into the base of his penis, and the other guy opted for surgery. They all kind of worked, although with limited success, but damn!,what these guys went through didn’t look like much fun to me and it left me asking more than a few questions?

I asked some of my female friends the question – Does size matter? They all proclaimed that it did, given a choice, their preference being something a bit meaty! However that was given a choice, and lets face it, in most situations you are not given a choice. So at first glance, it did seem to matter. So I then set them a dilemma, a guy with a small dick who is an excellent lover versus a well hung stud with no idea of what to do with his pepparami! The result – amazingly – a total reversal on the previous answer.

In truth, size cannot matter from a functional point of view because babies are still being born, people are still having good sex and in addition, there doesn’t appear to be a really long waiting list for extreme procedures like the one mentioned above.

So where does this myth come from?

the ancient Greeks didn't seem to care

When combined with the narcissism within us, when added to the society in which we live where celebrity is the new currency and we are firmly controlled by the gaze that others have over us, then things like size of your penis become all too important.

Whether or not size matters is also determined by the pressure of society. Similar to having the latest TV or mobile phone, we fall into the trap of desiring what we think we should be desiring, based on what we think other people will be desiring!

Whether size matters to you, the individual, may be determined by the kind of relationship that you have, (or want to have), with your partner. Look, if you met your girlfriend in a bar and after one drink you are in the toilets, coital-coital, then this may be the kind of woman who finds size quite an important factor in a mate. But, if your relationship started off with long conversations and intimate walks in the park, with the first kiss happening after 4 weeks and the first sexual encounter 3 months later, then size may not hold the top spot.

ladies, be careful what you wish for...

If truth be told, and as another friend pointed out, a good lover is a good lover and can work with whatever he has got. A confident man who is happy with himself and more importantly happy with his life is surely more desirable than someone who is preoccupied with his appearance.

When put into this context, does size matter to you?