Unlucky in the love thing?

Last week I read a story in a daily newspaper about a Chinese man who filed for a divorce based on the fact that his wife was unlucky! Apparently her first husband had suddenly died after they had built a successful business together and now her new husband was worried about it happening to him. Under orders, his wife was forced to have her astrological charts done by a court appointed specialist and she was indeed found to be bad luck. The divorce was duly granted.

I laughed at this story at first thinking that the husband was probably worrying for no reason. That was until I thought about it some more. Our newspapers are full of horoscopes, horoscopes that I confess I do read sometimes, interested enough to see if they have anything good to say that day. The Papers also advertise other kinds of spiritual advice, like Tarot card reading and psychic phone lines.

In fact, there has never been a time in history when interest in this branch of the scientific unknown, the spiritual, astrological and metaphysical, has been greater than it is now. Psychic phone lines ring off the hook on a daily basis from tens of thousands of people in search of the answer to a specific question, what does the future hold? In fact, the most popular subject of most of these calls is concerned with love and relationships. Will I find the man/woman of my dreams? Is my partner cheating on me? Am I going to find love? What are the winning lottery numbers??

Is all of this behaviour rational? The numbers involved seem to say it is but what is behind all of this interest? Why are we so interested in the future?, in knowing what is going to happen tomorrow? And if we did know, would that really make our lives that much better? that much more interesting? Would it not take the suspense out of everything leaving us to live predicable and possibly boring lives?

We live in a world that is in a constant state of worry. Where love and relationships are concerned, we worry if we don’t find someone, and then when we do find someone, we worry about losing them. Sometimes we worry so much that life becomes a burden and we look for someone somewhere to give us some answers.

I have had psychic readings a few times now and I found them to be amazingly accurate, very helpful, highly informative and absolutely necessary. They didn’t always tell me something I didn’t already know but they made me feel better because the things they mentioned made sense to me. I, like everybody else, worries about the future, will I sell a script or get my novel published? And as soon as the doubt creeps in, as soon as the worry enters the darkest recesses of my mind, I start to look for guidance and explanations that will make me feel better, that will let me know that all I am going through isn’t in vain.

Some of us may look inside a bottle or in the corners of a bag of weed. Others may seek advice from medical specialists with letters after their names and a library of books on psychology at their fingertips. And then there are those of us that hit the speed dial and talk to another kind of specialist. One who didn’t necessarily study their subject at University, one who doesn’t have to meet you in the flesh to know who you are, and one who can be completely open and honest and charges by the minute!

As an alternative you can choose to have your Astrological chart done. This chart, compiled using minimal facts like your date, location and time of birth gives you a scarily accurate picture of yourself. Some cultures take this more seriously than others and those that do, do so for a very good reason.

What you find out is all about your character, what makes you tick, what things you find difficult, how you think. Now if you put that with information on someone else you can accurately match two people together, you can see the kind of match you have with your current or future potential partner. It’s like the ultimate in road tests, a kind of ‘try before you buy’ for relationships, a sneak preview into the future. (Unfortunately it doesn’t necessary take into account physical attributes like looks and height!)

So the Chinese guy had a point. Thanks to his belief in this ‘science’ and concerns about his future he strove to do something about it, to prove that his reservations had a ‘scientific’ basis. Not necessarily the science we studied at school that talked about the periodic table, or how a fuckin combustion engine worked, but a science that is as old as the earth in which we all reside in. My respect goes out to this man who at the end of the day just wanted to be happy in a relationship, without the fear of dropping dead.

As for his wife, things can be done to change her polarity. Whatever negativity she is attracting can be reversed and turned positive. At least that is what I hope and want to believe. It will be a sad state of affairs if we are actually destined to be how we are without the ability to change or transform into how we would like to be throughout our whole lives.


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