How far is too far for revenge?

I chuckled this week as I read about four women who decided to teach their cheating man a lesson. They found out that he’d been  sleeping with all of them including two sisters  – you go guy! Outraged, the women saw fit to superglue his penis to his stomach. That’ll teach him right? Perhaps. Yes it is funny and yes he will never forget his ordeal, it may even make him mend his cheating ways and  treat women with more respect in the future. Who knows? What we do know for sure is that the four women have been charged with a crime and could face a maximum penalty of six years in prison. (Note: whenever papers say ‘could’ it usually means ‘wont’ but I wouldn’t like to be them right now!)

Jazmine busts windows out of cars, how far will you go for revenge?

She busts windows out of cars, how far will you go?

I laughed initially because the thought of standing, looking in the mirror and my penis not falling down, is kind of funny. I then imagined the pain the victim would have to suffer for his kit to be detached and it wasn’t so funny anymore. Apart from physical damage, the shock may have an emotional impact and trigger erectile dysfunction. The list of potential problems is endless. Maybe he won’t be affected at all. Who cares, right?

Shit happens in life and we move on.

What struck me about this story is the way we as individuals fail to take responsibility for our actions and the part we play in anything. I was also fascinated by how quickly things can get out of hand when mob psychology kicks in. I can imagine the conversation the women had beforehand. In a group of people there is the rational one, the one who will go along with anything, the quiet one who won’t say either way if she agrees or not and the absolute nutter. Between them the four  came to the conclusion that glueing the cheat’s penis was a legitimate thing to do. Can you imagine how bad it could have been? This guy was probably lucky that they didn’t do a Bobbitt on him!

But how far is too far for revenge?

So you find out your partner is cheating on you, what do you do? It would be great to have a book that lists every possible sexual misdemeanour  and in a column next to it,  the appropriate punishment. The book could be sanctioned by the law courts so when cases end up in court they could be fast tracked, saving taxpayers money in the process. Such a book would be invaluable because we live in a world where sexual infidelity is rife. Something needs to happen but of course such a book does not exist, a real shame.

The punishment should fit the crime is an okay motto to live by but what it really points at is the lack of self esteem and respect that we have for ourselves. If someone cheats on us the first thing we think is that we are being laughed at. We make it personal and all about us. We get angry and bay for that person’s blood. We may use violence or ridicule them, one thing is certain, we want them to pay.

But what if we didn’t see it like that? What if we had some self respect and realised that this person who has chosen to do us wrong has already shot themselves in the foot? Because of their actions they lose you and no longer have a place in the family. Now I am not saying it won’t hurt, betrayal usually does, but to me there is something about lowering yourself to the cheat’s standards and fighting back dirty. You don’t need to because you already have the upper hand, you just have to realise it.

So how do you know how far is too far for revenge?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you’ve already gone too far!

  1. Can you get arrested for it?
  2. Can you spend time in prison for it?
  3. In doing it, do you lose the upper hand of the moral argument?
  4. Once done do you only feel good for a short time before the reality of what you’ve done kicks in?
  5. Are you looking for an apology from the culprit?
  6. Will your friends be ashamed of you for doing it?
  7. Would your kids be sad you did it?
  8. Would you end up in the tabloid papers?
  9. Will you regret it afterwards?

They say revenge is a dish best served cold, maybe it’s a dish that’s best not served at all.

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7 Responses to “How far is too far for revenge?”

  1. You raise some really valid points!…..I think maybe some women feel like they’re powerless in these instances and that this was a way of taking that power back…..doesn’t make it right though.

    I found from my own experiences, even though there were times that I wanted to take physical revenge, that it was better to take the moral high ground. Additionally, because there had been so many lies and cover-ups, the truth was a rare commodity. I felt personally, it was liberating and powerful to speak to the other cheated party in question to get the truth, more power than a tube of crazy glue could have given me! (lol)

  2. wow…..what a man? serves him right though but hey,that was too extream,the ladies wantin to do what?superglue his penis to his stomach…OMG….two[four]wrongs can’t make a right

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