5 reasons you’re still single

1. Every girl/guy you meet reminds you of your ex

You meet a new person and are on your first date but everything about your previous relationships keeps coming back. The way he laughs with his head cocked back so you can see the dental work; the way he dances just slightly out of time; the way she eats with her mouth slightly open. Conversations end up being a point-scoring competition as venom from a previous relationship poisons  a new situation.

2. Credit crunch

Let’s face it, dating is expensive and in today’s economy money can feel like a scarcity – not to be squandered on dates with random people you probably won’t like anyway. Back in the day (well about a year or two ago when things were good) flowers, candy, dinner and a club were a staple for getting laid. Now we just don’t have the money to gamble on such delicacies. The result… a lot of dating in parks, museums and libraries! Sistas who want to get pampered are having to do it for themselves.

3. Too used to your own company/space/ways

It is possible that if you have been single for a while you tend to get used to doing things by yourself and sometimes you like your own company. Living alone I do things the way I want to. I cook when I want to cook, eat when I want to eat and sleep whenever I fall off the chair in a half drunken stupor. There is no one to tell me I can’t live this way. You get used to this and actually start to enjoy it. Hell sometimes you don’t even need a woman for the night…you can hook yourself up! After all you know what you like. The result is a lot of casual relationships with some men/women being fully happy with this.

4. You’re scared

Dating, relationships, marriage! Yikes! They can all be scary and those that have been there and back may not be that keen to try again…maybe this time he/she is the one… Depending on how it turned out the last time, when I meet someone new I immediately look for telltale signs – what this person is really like? Nobody is 100% honest initially, in fact it can take a while to find out the whole truth and usually by then it’s too late. The trap has been set, the bait eaten and the barn door bolted shut!

Fear of commitment is a genuine condition –  really. It’s partly about the unknown and wanting a guarantee that all will turn out well. You don’t want to be alone but you don’t want to get hurt. The horn makes you brave enough to stop playing Russian roulette with your dick or poker with your pussy, and throw yourself in at the deep end. Remember to take a rubber ring with you… just in case!

5. You can’t be bothered anymore

Maybe you’re just finally happy to be living by your own rules and enjoying total freedom. So much so that you just can’t be arsed to find a new partner. A new relationship can feel like a new job – you have to wash everyday, be charming, witty, and intelligent; not to forget having to spend more time outside of your house or playing the perfect host even when your guest puts a glass on your precious table without using a coaster. Don’t you just hate that?

Comparing that to the peace of chilling at home in front of the telly, playing Pro Evo soccer, sipping brandy with my choice of music (loud) makes me think long and hard about getting out there again. Is it laziness or my sixth sense telling me that whatever is around that corner is just more of the same? Been there, done that, writing the blog.



2 Responses to “5 reasons you’re still single”

  1. Those 5 seem like good reasons not to date.

    Now can someone lend me a rubber ring or some arm-bands? I’m about to take the plunge & get married.

  2. Artwell Says:

    To me relationships have come to mean failure, momentary highs followed by devastating lows, giving up what I want, emotional tugs-of-war, feeling trapped, dealing with conflict, and unavoidable disappointment.

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