What is it about men with children?

What is it about women when they see a man with a kid? I was in the store the other day waiting in line for Customer Services so I could return a faulty DVD. I had my Godson in tow; he’s there doing his thing as toddlers do, being annoying and cute all at once. So I finally get to the front of the line and the lady behind the desk is beaming at me and clearly enamoured with the three year-old.

He takes it all in his stride even when a lady behind me also comments on him and his cute kicks. Before I know it another woman, younger, has joined in the toddler love fest. I return my DVD, with no receipt and end up in a 20-minute conversation with the lady behind me in the queue. The customer services lady goes well beyond the call of duty to help me out and the younger lady just smiles, and smiles and smiles…

Cool dad Brad Pitt

Cool dad Brad Pitt

I finally tear myself away and bid farewell to the fan club and then it hits me: my popularity had more to do with the company I was keeping, the little man, than my own charms! The ladies clearly assumed he was my child and that I was a good dad. They also assumed (or hoped) that I was not with the child’s mother.

Why do I say that? Well, because these ladies were blatantly, even aggressively flirting with me. Now the logical thing to think when you see a man with a child is surely that there’s a mother of the child in the picture, even if she’s not physically there at that moment. Right?

Ladies, enlighten me, why is the sight of a man with a child so appealing to you? Let’s face it, a man with a child doesn’t actually tell you much because there are many scenarios that could have put him there including:

  • It is his child and he is with the mother
  • It is his child and he isn’t with the mother or
  • It isn’t his child.

That’s all. It cannot tell you if he is a good father or a good man, for that matter. So I really want to know what goes through a woman’s mind at that point. Is it about survival of the species and zoning in on presumed reproductive prowess or are some women walking around dreaming of a ready-made family without having to put in the nine months? I’m baffled. Fact is, if I weren’t such a nice guy with good taste I would have walked out of the store three-deep in brand new pussy. Granted the combined age may have been close to 130 but hey, it would have been free!

What’s even more interesting is that guys don’t swamp a woman with a kid whilst she is out shopping. Men immediately assume there’s a boyfriend, husband or baby father somewhere and we don’t want the hassle . That strikes me as a more sensible position, although a bit inconvenient for single mothers…continues after poll…

I’m no closer to figuring out the dynamic but I wonder if women see the future father of their children in the guy hanging out with a kid while men see a woman with a kid as OPP, perceiving her as ‘owned’ by the baby father, regardless of the status of their relationship.

Whatever the reason, I know the women in the store would not have shown me the same level of attention had I been by myself – I have tried it. Am I the last one in the room to figure out that this may be why so many guys have kids everywhere?

Join the global conversation – what’s your take on women losing their senses (and more) at the sight of a man with a kid?


2 Responses to “What is it about men with children?”

  1. Daniel Clee Says:

    Check the answer above, she’s spot on – you were a safe flirt, and flirting’s fun 😉

    So when are you sending me your draft?


  2. It was a good article I LOL! …and I can imagine how a man can be confused… 🙂 However though I can see there might be some aspect “about survival of the species and zoning in on presumed reproductive prowess” in some subconsciousness but I don’t think there are some women walking around dreaming of a ready-made family without having to put in the nine months… I mean if there are, then the number is very little. Most women want to have their own children. (and some women no children at all…). In my point of view, (and also in my personal case), it might be some level of safety… Look, all offspring in most cases are cute and for us people, especially children up to 3-4 yesrs…ha ha!! Back to my point: man with a child it might be safe to just communicate.. you have a topic to talk about… I woudn’t dare to say even “Hi” to a stranger…. :-))). And because mostly you sense a woman behind the child, it seems a safe, harmless flirt… why not? But if the man would hit back in any way getting number, etc… I would be very suspicious and on watch… I would suspect some kind of cheating… though yes… there might be other stories why… he actually might be single and want a relationship again…
    I’m not ruling out that there are women who are ready to hit on a man in a commitment, I would rule out these are the majority of us…
    By the way, so many women are left to care for a child alone in a relationship, (I still remember my mum carried us everywhere alone, also on family holidays on the other side of the country because dad was working…), that the picture of “man with a child” is cute itself…

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