Two Mamas for The Price of One Papa!

Lil Man, I mean Wayne, is about to double his offspring and Baby Mama collection if it’s true that the toothsome rapper has knocked up both Nivea Nash and Lauren London. I’ll give it to him, it’s an original spin on the two-for-the-price-of one proposition!

I heard this and my first thought was, damn – how did a man that looks like a cross between a roach and a rat (does that make

Diva Mama One, Lauren London

Diva Mama One, Lauren London

him a ratroach or a cockrat? no pun…really…) get to know two gorgeous women let alone get to fuck them? I know I’m playa hatin’ and looks don’t determine anything when it comes to romance but damn!!! I guess the money and a star in the music hall of fame helped his cause. Women are attracted to men who are rich or really give it their all in the pursuit, so I get it but I don’t get it!

Diva Mama Too, Nivea Nash

Diva Mama Too, Nivea Nash

On a serious note, my real issue with this scenario is the potential implication for the kids. However Lil Man got himself into this – cheating on the women, a ménage-a-trois perhaps... or even confusion because female singers/models/video vixens look the same and he couldn’t tell who was who – one of the kids will lose out. Look, a man can only be in so many places/lives at any one time and secondly the woman who has the better relationship with him will be the household/kid that benefits.

I’m sad also for the kids out there that are not fathered by Wayne but look up to him as a role model. I know it’s not his day job but it is part of the price for fame & fortune; I kinda hoped someone in his position would exercise a little common sense because he has some responsibility to impressionable kids watching his every move.

The winner out of all of this is no doubt Lil Wayne, his playa status has just gone up higher than he can actually reach on his tip toes! There will be an army of young fools worshipping at his feet and aspiring to his reproductive talents. Maybe I’m being too harsh. Maybe it was all an accident. Maybe right now Lil Wayne is pacing back and forth making intelligible sense for once in his life. Maybe he was even set up by the scheming divas trying to get an advantage over the competition. Who knows? I guess we never will. All we can do is comment and decide if it’s good, bad or irrelevant in our humble opinion.

Not-So-Big Daddy

Not-So-Big Daddy

Regardless, the birth of a child can still be a silver lining even in very cloudy situations and can help to dispel any negativity or drama. The trio in this case are just 20-somethings and the only real difference between them and their peers on the street is a few dollars and superstar status. Maybe the lesson here is to show kids out there that money and fame does not make you smart. You can still make bad decisions, still get caught out, still get in trouble, and still end up being chased by the authorities for child support. My plea to fans of Wayne and his harem is to heed this cautionary tale because looking at the lives of others can teach you a lot about how you do and don’t want to live your own life.

All that aside, I still don’t get what the divas were attracted to, have you seen him? Have you seen them? WTF were they thinking? Surely we have a responsibility to the gene pool don’t we? Wayne’s given short men with questionable taste in dental adornment permission to play well above their weight; I’m just sorry for the girls in clubs everywhere who’ll be fending off the Lil one’s followers. Am I being shallow about this? Check the pics and you decide.

Join the global conversation, leave a comment about this crazy, crazy situation.


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