Dating site…don’t you mean cyber meat-market?

So I am doing some work on my computer and decide to check my emails, (4th time in 20 mins – don’t you just hate waiting to hear from someone.) Anyway as I check, an ad for a dating website pops up. Usually I would be annoyed and click the cross to get rid of it. Today, for some reason I’m intrigued and when the dating site logo flashes on my screen on impulse I decide to sign up.

I’m guessing a conversation I had with a friend the day before about his online dating experience had something to do with it. To cut a long story short, he met someone online and before you could say gigabyte, they’d met offline, consummated the ‘relationship’ and in the click of a mouse, the whole thing was over. Done and he was left feeling unenthused about the whole encounter.

His ‘slightly fed up’ demeanour and unhappy acceptance of the situation was what took me aback. His issue was that the sex distracted from what he felt could have been a good evening with nice conversation. The expectation from his date to ‘get it on’ got in the way of his search for a real relationship and this got me to thinking: Exactly what do people think they’ll find on these sites, if not just sex?

I might be quite green when it comes to this stuff but I don’t get why anyone would put their picture up on a screen for thousands of strangers to see anyway. They don’t know or seem to even care about who the people that they share personal details with are. I mean, you wouldn’t bump into someone on the street and just start ‘sharing’ about your love of bondage or secret life as a dominatrix! Would you?

The site I joined made no bones about being all about easy access to sex with strangers. Questions were asked about the size of my pride n joy, where my erogenous zones were and which position I liked best in the back of a car! I answered all the questions, primarily because I knew I wasn’t going to put my picture up or go on any dates anyway. As I looked over the questions something else struck me – there are a hell of a lot of freaks out there.  

People want to do all kinds of crazy shit to you or have stuff done to them by complete strangers they will never see again. Why is it that we are happier having freaky sex with people we don’t know? The dating site told me something that I long suspected. Sex, the more adventurous kind anyway, has been driven underground via the Internet. I’m willing to bet that people seeking their thrill from a stranger online are there because for some reason they are afraid to ask their spouse or partner for what they want.

Sex today has changed from how it was when I was younger. It was more intriguing than it is today because a lot of things you didn’t find out  until you had already made some kind of commitment. Girls that had their tits all out on the street were limited to local trollops! Today, everyone seems to have it all hanging out and on display for all to see and even feel. Young people are not shy anymore and in some cities the muffin tops are taking over!. Women in general have become more direct too. They tell you what they want and how they want it, like they’re ordering off an a la carte menu, just the way they like it.  

 The dating site had pictures of women with their breasts out and best bits on display with nothing left to the imagination. Their intentions were clear and to the point  – ‘if you like, let’s meet, if we meet, we fuck’.

Dating itself has changed from somethng that was a prerequisite to finding a good relationship to now being a word we use when we are really talking about no strings attached sex. Sites like the one I visited give you all the information you need to have a good session. They focus on the end point and not the journey or the reward of putting in some dating The funny thing is really good sex comes from knowing and understanding your partner, their needs and their desires. There’s no shortcut to that knowledge, it comes through time and attention not the use of a scroll bar.

Sex under these conditions doesn’t lead to fulfilling encounters. It leads to a vicious cycle of you looking for more of the same over and over again. I guess my point is don’t call them dating sites because that’s just false advertising. Call them what they are: easy shag sites and be proud of that, there’s clearly a market for what they offer.

Society is changing all around us and as I sit at my computer I ask myself what it would take for me to sign up to a dating site. Call me a bore or unadventurous if you like but it would feel as if I was selling out somehow. I’m not knocking the whole experience for other people, its just not for an old school romantic like me that isn’t ready to give up on society yet. I like to meet my women in normal places, bars, restaurants, shoe shops! I don’t know people, are these just the rambling words of a man who has a valid beef or am I secretly wishing I had the cajones to actually go on an online ‘date?’ I’ll let you decide.

Share your online dating stories (or nightmares) by leaving a comment!


4 Responses to “Dating site…don’t you mean cyber meat-market?”

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  2. Sounds like you found a really great site please post the details haha
    But on a serious note, what is wrong with casual sex. I mean so many people enjoy these kinds of liaisons that surely there can’t be anything wrong with them. I for one see the internet dating now like standing in a club meeeting girls in the 90’s. Things change thats all and the dating sites make it easier to target your preferred type of partner. Cuts out the wasted time in getting to know someone

  3. My partner and I met two years ago on line – funny enough it was not a dating site! (It was Myspace) – At first we just hung out as friends but then we developed something more.

    My cousin then met her now fiancee on line a year and a half ago, and they are getting married this summer. This time it was on a dating site (plenty of fish).

    So I do believe in logging n for love – all you need to to is be persistent. I went on a good 30 internet ‘blind’ dates – Maybe only 1 out of every 3 guys was who they said they would be, and it just didn’t work after a while (or a date) for reasons that other relationship just don’t work. It definitely is a good tool for meeting people.

    • Prekosifa Says:

      Hey Claus, Thankyou for your comment. You have instilled faith in me that there are more to these sites than meets the eye. I guess dating sites have just taken over from clubs and bars so I should just try and get used to it. I will need to hear a few more success stories first though!!

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